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Inked: A Comprehensive Summary and Review by GCSP

"Inked: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Negotiation Tactics That Unlock YES and Seal the Deal" is a must-read sales book by Jeb Blount, a renowned author and sales expert. In this book, Blount offers decades of insights into the art of closing deals and negotiation strategies, providing valuable lessons that can transform sales professionals into adept closers. GCSP's comprehensive summary and review will explore the key concepts from "Inked" and discuss their applicability to individuals in the field of sales.

This book helped to reshape my philosophy on professional sales and transformed my sales career. It will probably do the same for you. Click here to purchase Inked on Amazon/Audible.


"Inked" is divided into four main sections, each focusing on distinct aspects of closing deals and mastering negotiation:

Section 1: The Close Is Never Final

Blount begins by emphasizing the critical notion that the close is not the endpoint of the sales process but a new beginning. He highlights the importance of maintaining a strong sales mindset, consistently following up with prospects, and leveraging the principle of "The Final Commitment" to secure deals.

Section 2: Getting to Yes

This section delves into the psychology of persuasion and negotiation. Blount introduces the concept of "Neuro-Emotional Persuasion" and provides actionable techniques to connect with prospects on a deep emotional level. He emphasizes the significance of understanding the buyer's psychology and adapting one's communication style accordingly.

Section 3: Preparing to Win

Blount underscores the necessity of thorough preparation in sales and negotiation. He introduces the "Inked Preparation Framework," which involves researching the prospect, mapping out their buying process, and creating an execution plan. The author also discusses the art of questioning and active listening to uncover critical information.

Section 4: Turning the Deal

In this final section, Blount covers advanced closing techniques, such as handling objections effectively, managing the negotiation process, and sealing the deal. He introduces the "Closing Triggers" and provides a step-by-step guide to navigate complex negotiations.


Jeb Blount's "Inked" is a powerhouse of knowledge and strategies tailored for salespeople and sales leaders. Read on for an overview of key takeaways and strategies to directly apply Blount's principles.

Strengths of "Inked":

Practical and Actionable: "Inked" is packed with actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately. Blount provides real-world examples and case studies, making it easy for readers to understand and apply the concepts in their daily sales activities.

  1. Buyer-Centric Approach: Blount emphasizes the importance of understanding and empathizing with the buyer's perspective. His "Neuro-Emotional Persuasion" techniques focus on building genuine connections and trust, which are essential in modern sales.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: The book covers every stage of the sales process, from initial contact to closing the deal. It provides a holistic view of sales and negotiation, making it an invaluable resource for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.
  3. Psychological Insights: Blount explains the psychology behind persuasion and negotiation, providing readers with a deeper understanding of human behavior in sales contexts. This knowledge can help salespeople tailor their approaches for maximum impact.
  4. Advanced Techniques: The book doesn't stop at the basics; it delves into advanced closing techniques and negotiation strategies. Sales leaders can use these insights to coach their teams to become more proficient in sealing deals.

Application and Key Takeaways for Salespeople:

"Inked" is a goldmine of strategies for salespeople at all levels of experience. For beginners, it serves as a thorough guide to understanding the sales process and honing essential skills. Intermediate salespeople can sharpen their closing techniques and negotiation skills, while experienced professionals will appreciate the advanced strategies and psychological insights.

  1. The Close Is Never Final: Maintain a persistent mindset and follow up diligently to maximize opportunities.
  2. Neuro-Emotional Persuasion: Connect with prospects on an emotional level by understanding their motivations and pain points.
  3. Preparation Matters: Thoroughly research prospects, their organizations, and their buying processes to be well-prepared for negotiations.
  4. Closing Triggers: Master advanced closing techniques and handle objections effectively to secure deals.

Application and Key Strategies for Sales Leaders:

Sales leaders can leverage "Inked" to enhance the performance of their teams. By incorporating Blount's teachings into training programs and coaching sessions, they can equip their salespeople with the tools they need to close more deals and negotiate successfully.

  1. Training and Development: Use the book as a foundational resource for sales training programs, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning.
  2. Coaching and Feedback: Implement the principles outlined in "Inked" during coaching sessions to help salespeople refine their skills and overcome challenges.
  3. Performance Metrics: Use the book's techniques to set performance metrics and evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies.
  4. Building a Winning Culture: Foster a culture of persistence, preparation, and effective communication within the sales team.


"Inked" by Jeb Blount is a must-read for anyone in the sales profession. Jeb Blount's extensive knowledge and practical insights make this book an invaluable resource for salespeople and sales leaders alike. By adopting the strategies and techniques outlined in "Inked," individuals and teams can elevate their sales game, build stronger client relationships, and ultimately achieve greater success in the world of sales and negotiation. Whether you are just starting your career in sales or are a seasoned professional, "Inked" has something to offer you on your journey to becoming a master closer and negotiator.

Click here to purchase Inked on Amazon/Audible.

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